Kashmir: Heaven on Earth

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing tourist destinations of the world. There is no controversy in the magnificence and natural beauty of Kashmir. Kashmir is situated in the Neelum Valley, in the northern part of Pakistan. The Valley is full of natural landscapes consisting of Mountains, Tress, rivers, streams and water falls.

Location and Altitude:

Neelum Valley is situated in the Northern part district of Azad Kashmir. It is at an average height of 4000 to 7500 feet above sea level. However, the valley has mountains with their peaks reaching up to 17000 feet approx. In the South west Valley is connected to Muzaffarabad, on the North West lies the region of Kaghan.  To the North and North east lie the region of Skardu and Gilgit Baltistan.
Before the partition, the Neelum River was known as Kishan Ganga but after the partition it was renamed after the Valley name. The Neelum refers to the Saphire color of the river. The water is very clear and has a wonderful tone of the blue.
saphire water
Sapphire water

The Main Attractions:

There are some very mesmerizing locations in the Neelum Valley which provide a very positive impact on the human mind. The water falls and streams are one of the major contributors of Kashmir’s Beauty. The most famous water fall is the Dhani Noseri Water fall. It is situated approximately 30 km away from Muzaffarabad. The water falls from an height of 45 feet providing a glamorous sight. There are numerous lakes and streams as well which add up to the magic of this valley. The river flows along the mountains throughout the Neelum valley when finally it meets the River Jehlum at Muzaffarabad.
river and valley
River and Valley
On the tour to Neelum Valley Kutton is a very famous destination with excellent views  and appropriate accommodation facilities for the tourists. Kutton waterfall and the Jagran stream are accessible from Kutton. Another such destination is Keran which also provides a guest house constructed and maintained by the AJK tourism department.  The Neelum river is relatively peaceful near Keran. Keran is also surrounded by breath taking scenery.
Moving forward from Keran, the next tourist destination is Sharda which is also a lush green piece of land with waterfalls, streams and mountains. Sharda also acts as the Tehsil headquarters for the district of Neelum. Approximate distance of Sharda and keran is around 40 km. Moving further again comes the Kel, which is accessed through jeeps is 23 km apart from sharda. Kel is also a must see destination and if you are up for some more adventure then this journey should be  continued till Arrang Kel which is reffered to as the Gold Village. There is a walking trek which can lead you from Kel to Arrang Kel.
The tour to Neelum Valley is one of the most memorable tours done by our team. There is such a positive impact on the minds and soul of a person while visiting this heaven on Earth. The variety of natural components which decorate this fabulous valley are numerous and are not found in many places. There are even some undiscovered and hard to reach destinations in this valley which still need some exploration and adventurous tendency to be discovered. Do visit this beautiful valley and enjoy the beauty of nature. Some of the glimpses of this valley are given below for you to have the mental picture:
peaceful river
The River at Peace
alpine & River
The Alpine Trees and the River
lush green mountains
The Lush Green Mountains
The Neelum River
The Neelum River
The Bridge over the Neelum
wild life
Wild Life

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