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Fairy Meadows: A Base Camp of Nanga Parbat


Fairy Meadows is one of the base camps of the Nanga Parbat peak which is located in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. Fairy meadows is a lush green floor at the foot of the magnificent peak situated in the district of Diamir. The name Fairy meadows was given by some German climbers while locally the place is known as Joot. Fairy Meadows was declared a National Park in 1995 by the government of Paksitan. Nanga Parbat has multiple faces and the face which is towards the Fairy Meadows is known as ‘Rakhiot’ ass it is located in the Rakhiot Valley. One end of this valley is connected to the glaciers of Nanga Parbat and at one end it transforms into a stream which finally falls in the River Indus.
dry mountain
The dry mountains
Along the Way
In order to reach the beautiful grassland, a distance of almost 7 miles has to be taken from Raikhot bridge over the Kashmir Highway till you reach the village of Tato. It is recommended that this journey should be conducted in a jeep. The roadside and the mountains are usually stony and dry. The Gilgit Baltistan region usually has dry mountains but still a place like Fairy Meadows contribute fairly in balancing the greenery and landscape. However, there is still a little more effort required to reach the tremendous destination. From Tato a hike of 4- 6 kms is needed at the end of which one can really get all the tiredness disappear.
The Green Camping Area
nanga parbat
Nanga Parbat
The Best time to visit Fairy Meadows starts from April and it goes on till the end of September or the start of October. Tourists from around the globe are attracted to this place and it is worth it. The people who have reached here always give a very positive feedback. There is hardly anyone who says that it was not a place worth visiting. Tourism provides a financial boost in the above mentioned season. There are some more developments being made. Soon a Project of Shangrila Resorts will be completed here too.
nanga parbat
Another View of Nanga Parbat
The footing of the Nanga Parbat and the floor of Fairy Meadows is covered with Alpine trees which make the climate to be very pleasant and Cold. It also provides a marvelous sight as the long Alpine trees in bunches stand proud and firm along the ground and the valley. Fairy meadows is one of the must go places for the people who love to travel and see beautiful places. There are camping, food and transport facilities for the visitors of appropriate manner. This is a place which will make you wonder more about nature and make you forget about the worries and attractions of the city life. This is a very healthy environment for people who need bed rest or mental peace. It can also be a very good place for meditation, Photography, Film making and lots more. None the less it is still worth going to the place just for the sake of seeing it directly and enjoying the soothing environment.
nanga parbat
Another Angle
upper top
Upper Top


Flowers from the floor of Fairy Meadows

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