A trip to Kaghan Valley: Where the fairies reside

A trip to Kaghan Valley

Kaghan is one of the most visited tourist destination of Northern Pakistan. Kaghan is famous for its lush green mountains and valleys, mesmerizing lakes and soothing climate. The climate is affected by the high magnitude of alpine trees. It is situated in Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa Pakistan. The nearest city to Kaghan is Naran. This valley is situated at the curves of River Kunhar. A metallic road takes the tourists from the capital, Islamabad to Kaghan. However, to reach the lakes and other off road destinations, Jeeps, Donkeys and Horses are used.
Entering Kaghan Valley
Lake Safe ul Malook is a great attraction for national and international tourists. There are many folk stories about this lake which one can hear by the locals, once there. It is said that a Prince named Saif ul Malook, when discovered this place he saw fairies bathing in the crystal clear water of the lake. In this relation the lake is named after that prince and stories have been told ever since. The cold water of Kunhar River is an ideal home for trout. Kaghan Valley offers an opportunity to eat this delicious specie of Fish to the pleasure of heart. The Alpine trees, Beautiful weather, High Mountains with lush green valleys and lakes is almost like a paradise at home.
Mountains and Valleys
Kaghan is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the Northern Pakistan. Both local and foreigner tourists are attracted by this beautiful valley. The river Kunhar evidences the following cities along its bank side: Balakot, Paras, Mahandri, Kaghan and Naran. Many tourists like to stay on the banks of Lake Saif ul Malook. Tents are available on rent during the season. It is hardly recommended to take some hiking and tourist gears along with your self if you are up for a little off-roading and adventurous trip. Mountain shoes, gloves, tents, small cooking stove, hiking stick, torch etc. are highly recommended. There are numerous magnificient views where one can stop by and get refreshed. Ansu Jheel is another adventurous and magical destination which is tracked from Saif ul Malook but it is not a trip for everyone.
Alpine forests and lakes
Naran has a big market within the city where one can buy things of everyday life, gifts, souvenirs etc. The trip to Kaghan and Naran is a wonderful way to spend your summer vacations. The best time to visit is from May to September. In the Winters, however, the weather becomes severe and it is not recommended to go there. Heavy snows cover the region throughout the season. The road to Kaghan is well carpeted and designed in such a way that people can easily drive to the beautiful valley in the summers on their own cars. Many tour operators and Public transport vehicles also go to this mesmerizing destination. It is however, wise to get bookings of Hotels and Transport because in summers it could get very crowded and prices could get a little higher too.
The Alpine trees are a great incentive in this valley. Due to these amazing trees the weather of Kaghan is so pleasant and soothing that anybody who visits can feel all the worries and stresses of life going away.
Kaghan is getting more and more development these days. Permanent and temporary lodging is becoming more available. The metallic road has shortened the time required to reach Kaghan and it has also reduced the fatigue to great extent.

Saif Ul Malook

A beautiful Stream
The Upper Top
Beautiful Peaks



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