How to plant Strawberry

How to plant strawberry: Step to step Guide with pictures


Planting strawberry has never been easy neither has been harvesting and storing it. Talking about the planting process first, planting needs preparation.There is too much work to be done before you can go to buy the plants. The most important thing which needs to be done first is research. Know as much as you can about strawberry, the climate in which you want to plant it, water situation etc.
The type of Strawberry planted under this study is a called Schneider. It is one of the top types of berries. It has two planting seasons based on the climatic conditions of Summers ranging from 35-45(C) and winters ranging from 10 – (-4) C. There is a summer harvest and a winter harvest. Although the plant grows well in the summers, if proper watering is done, but the fruit comes more in the winters. However, planting in summers is an advantage because not only some strawberries will be yielded in the summers as well but also because the plant will already be stronger to defend against the frosts in deep winters. There is a very serious problem of weed attack as well which will be discussed later.
After getting some information the next step is to prepare the land. Now, strawberries best grows on a higher place where water is not stood up rather it flows to the relatively lower ground which is surrounding the plant. The seeds of strawberry can be planted to get the infant plant but they are also available in nurseries. Make the land in wavy pattern like small canals.
Land Preparation
Laying Straw
Each plant should be placed at least one foot apart on all sides. The rest of the ground should be placed with straws. The straws create hindrance for the unwanted weeds. It also provides a cushion for the sprouting leaves and especially the sprouting strawberries.
After making the bed and leaving the space for the plants, start planting. Dig at least a hole of three to four inches for inserting the plant. Make sure that the roots (white fibers at the bottom of the plant) are not damaged and are resting as smoothly as possible. Cover the plant roots and partial stem in such a way that a concave cap of mud is formed. This prevents the water from gathering right over the plant or root area.The strawberry plant needs care while it grows as well. It does not require too much water. so pooling water around a strawberry plant is not a good idea. Once the plant starts sprouting out the leaves, flowers and fruit, this bed of straw will prevent them from getting damaged.
Over the period of next couple of months the plant will start growing and start increasing the size of leave and white flowers will start appearing. This is the time of making sure that the plant gets appropriately required amount of sunlight and water. Excess or deficiency of both these things can harm the growth process of the plant.
The Transformation of flower into fruit !
The strawberry Flower
The white flowers will start transforming into greenish form of fruit. This is a very beautiful and delicate phase of the process. The right care can make the plant grow excessively. A good healthy plant may produce around 15 – 20 flowers at a time. It keeps producing more flower hence more fruit throughout the season.
Soon the fruit will start increasing its size and it is time for the farmer to start making the marketing strategy. It is a common knowledge that strawberry does not have a very long shelf life so it should be sold as quickly as possible as soon as it is off the plant. When the fruit starts growing it is just a matter of time when the green fruit starts turning red.
It is essential to make a check on daily basis for the fruit that is ready to harvest. Leaving it on the plant for longer period of time can invite the badness of fruit, birds and insects. Once the fruit is harvested from the plant it should be packaged safely and moved to the market or customer so that the quality and taste of the fruit is not compromised. It is time for enjoying the fruit.
The Schneider strawberry is rich in taste and very juicy. It has a sour taste when not fully prepared but as soon as it turns red it becomes very sweet. This plant gives fruit two times around the year. The summer yield is usually lesser than the winter yield. The winter yield, however, requires extra care for frost. The strawberry is usually well received item of the market and offers a slightly higher price as compared to other fruits. The plant grows root which can be separated to make more plants. Thus, after producing the fruit the plant also multiplies three to four times at least.
A healthy strawberry plant
The growing strawberry Fruit
strawberry fruit turning red
The Red strawberry Fruit

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