How To Plant Peanuts

How to plant Peanuts : Easy steps

Preparing the land :

Land Preparation
The best time for the planting peanuts is around mid June-July. The land preparation for Peanuts is very easy. Using a tractor make the land a little soft. With the help of blade remove the unwanted weeds and roots out of the soil. The peanuts can be planted with their covers or after removing them. The ones planted with covers might take a bit longer to grow.
In this project we used peeled peanuts to get faster results and to observe the quality of the peanuts while planting them, in order to get better quality peanut yield.
For an area of one kanal almost 1kg to 3 kg peanuts would be enough depending upon the saturation of plants required. We used a mere 1 kg per kanal seed for experimental purposes.
It is important to scrutinize the peanuts as the bad ones might effect he yield and the plant. It is better to take the bigger and good peanuts for plantation and separate them before starting the plantation process. Once you have selected the peanuts you want to plant, take the basket into the field and start throwing the peanuts around the land in a uniform way to get a homogeneous yield. After throwing the peanuts cover the peanuts with the help of tractor and make the land puddle.





Peeled peanuts


The Peanut plant








This plant does not require too much care or water. Roughly one or two times of water per month can be enough. However, according to the climatic conditions the water requirements might vary. Within a month or two the peanut plants will start growing up. It can be seen by the plant and the leaves how healthy the plant is and how well it is progressing.
After a period of six months, around November/ December almost the greenish leaves start to dry out and the plant has reached its maximum limit. It is time to start pulling out the plants. it  can be done by using some labor and appropriate harvest tools.Once the plant comes out it one can observe that the single peanut has multiplied into many peanuts. The number of peanuts per plant depend upon the size of plant.
The peanut yield


The peanuts







After removing all the plants start removing the peanuts and collecting them differently while gather the leaves separately as it can be utilized as animal feed. Here is your very own yield of peanuts. An average 1.5 kg planted can provide with almost 20 – 25 kg yield. Enjoy your very own organic peanuts with minimum loss and effort!

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